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What to Expect If You’re Pulled Over for a DUI

If you’ve never been pulled over for a DUI, we’re hoping that such a situation won’t pop up in your life, ever.

However, in case it does happen, it’s important to know what to expect from the situation. Without any prior knowledge, it’s possible to make the whole thing a lot worse than it needs to be.

So, here’s a small guide on what to expect between being stopped by the police and the hearing at court.

Stopping and Searching

If the police have flagged you down for a DUI inspection, it’s most likely because your driving and traffic interactions showed signs of impairment or inebriation.

Once stopped, the police officer will make observations and ask a few questions. The observations can include things like identifying odors of drugs or alcohol, or looking for slurred speech and fumbling movements.

The questions will usually be about if you’ve been drinking. If the police find enough reason to doubt your soberness, they’ll search your vehicle on the basis of probable cause. You may be able to avoid these situations by using your right to remain silent.

Roadside Tests

The police officer may ask you to step out of the car at some point to demonstrate your soberness. This is often referred to as a field sobriety test and can include some simple movement or balance tests like standing on one leg or being able to walk in a straight line.

Other than this, you might be asked to breathe into a breath analyzer to check the alcohol level in your body. If these tests or the search confirm any suspicion, you may be looking at a DUI arrest.

Arrest and Licenses

If arrested, your license will be taken and may be suspended after your court hearing. The police will take you into custody and will keep you there until someone pays bail to get you out. The court will then eventually make a decision about your license at a later court date.

Getting stuck in jail can be very annoying until someone is able to raise the money for bail. If you’re unable to raise the necessary amount, you can always get in touch with our bail agents at Delaughter Bail Bonds. We provide affordable bail bonds in Whitley County for anyone stuck in such a situation.

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