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3 Dangers of Staying in Jail, Awaiting Trial

Oftentimes when people are arrested for a crime, they have a choice to make before the court hearings officially begin. They can either stay inside in jail until the court hearings begin, or they can post bail before the case begins.

Some might consider the first option if they think they’ll be convicted for sure. They don’t have to worry about spending money on bail only to come back to jail. They may also be able to reduce the jail sentence through time served before the conviction. However, it’s almost never recommended that you give up on bail bonds to just stay in jail.

Today, we’ll discuss why.

Jail Time Not Guaranteed

First of all, jail time isn’t always guaranteed for petty crimes.

Jails are often overcrowded, and incarcerations are less likely than you think. Many smaller crimes that may have gotten you put in jail previously may not have that outcome. If convicted, a person might be put under house arrest, get community service, or be required to do something other than going to jail. In which case, the time spent in jail prior to the conviction doesn’t even help reduce serving times.

Delayed Cases

If you aren’t in jail, your lawyer will have an easier time changing the course of the case in your favor. They may even be able to delay the case going to court when they don’t have to worry about you already being in jail.

The delays in the proceedings can work in your favor. During that time, witnesses may disappear or new evidence helping the defendant may come out. This would end up giving the defendant a better deal or settlement.

Statements in Jail

What many people might not fully understand is that the things you say in jail while awaiting sentences can still be used against you in court. Inmates waiting for their court hearing might say something incriminating to another inmate or to a jailer, and that statement can be used in court against them.

Paying bail bonds may be a bit expensive, but they’re a much better option than staying in the jail waiting for the court to decide what’s next. If you’re unable to pay your bail bond, you can contact us at DeLaughter Bail Bonds in Fulton County, IN. Our 24-hour bail bond services will be able to get you out of a pinch when you need it.

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