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Why the Bail System is Under Scrutiny in America

The bail system dates back to Medieval times, where a specified sum would be paid to ensure the release of a detainee. The American judicial system operates on monetary bail. That means that an arrestee cannot be released from pre-trail detention unless they pay the bail amount specified by the court. Due to that reason, the bail system in America has been under scrutiny for a long time. Continue reading

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Bail Glossary and Bail Bond Terms

Jargons aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Industry-specific words or phrases can be quite tough for an ordinary person to understand. This is because they don’t have enough understanding of that particular field. Therefore, using industry-specific terminology in your conversations or writings is not advisable as it makes it difficult for your audience to understand the message you’re trying to convey. Continue reading

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Indiana’s Top Most Notorious Crimes: A Historical Perspective

Indiana’s history is marked by several notorious crimes that have left indelible marks on both local communities and the state’s criminal justice system. From infamous bank heists to chilling murders, these cases have not only captured public attention but also highlighted the crucial role of bail bondsmen and affordable bail bonds in Miami County during times of legal turmoil.

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How Courts Decide to Grant Bail

We often see and read about people getting convicted for crimes on the television, or in the news. In movies, often time they show that a party’s fate lies in the hands of a jury and they decide if they are guilty or not. However, that is not always the case. Some cases don’t even require a jury or a trial. The judge makes the decision based on the evidence present or the parties involved settle the case amongst themselves by paying an agreed upon amount. Continue reading