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Miranda Rights: What If the Police Offer Doesn’t Read Them?

The law-and-order situation can escalate to detrimental degrees in a country like the US. Laws in America are stringent as compared to other countries in the world. In 2020, New Mexico recorded the highest number of criminal incidents with a ratio of 3620 crimes for every 100,000 people.  The crime rate in the US is said to have decreased with an increase in the number of police officers. Continue reading

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The Risk of Losing Your Job without Bail

Pretrial detention is a legal procedure practiced throughout all the states of America. It involves detaining an accused until their case hearing. In most cases, the accused or detainees are placed into the correctional facilities only based on suspicion. Although it is a highly discouraged practice in the court of law bit it is practiced nonetheless.   Continue reading

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Here’s Why You Need to get out on Bail after Your Arrest

The bail system plays an integral role in preventing any injustice and inequality towards an arrested person. We all are familiar with the well-known saying “innocent until proven guilty,” this slogan operates at the core of a bail system. It is estimated that around 70% of detainees in American jails are people who have solely pleaded guilty because they couldn’t afford to pay the bond amount. The latter presents a bleak scenario that needs to improve. Thus, someone’s life could be saved with some assistance from reliable bail bonds agents and family support.


Presumption of Innocence

It is at the heart of any judicial system to do right by everyone. If someone is guilty of a crime, they must be held accountable, and the same holds for those who are not guilty. The basic proposition of the bailing system is not to send people to jail; instead, it is to protect the innocent and detain anyone threatening community’s safety.

Time for Trail Preparation

Being detained pre-trial is no one’s idea of a good time. We all want to be heard and present our side of the story, and rightly so. The reason is that a jury must know one’s role in the crime, if any. The ability to think clearly and present a case backed up by solid evidence can significantly increase one’s chances of release. But being held pre-trail significantly jeopardizes a detainee’s ability to think clearly due to panic and stress. Therefore it is imperative to get early bail to work their way out.


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No Money No Freedom

No one deserves to be locked in a jail room due to financial constraints. It is estimated that thousands of people arrested for different crimes are confined to correctional facilities long before their conviction. It is due to the latter reason; jails in America keep getting crowded. However, there are better ways to help poor folks and save them from unjust detention by seeking help from different bail bonds agencies

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