Check In

At DeLaughter Bail Bonds, we are committed to providing services to individuals throughout the area. We also offer options to help co-signers and related parties throughout the process. Turn to us today for bail bonds check-in and other services in North Manchester, IN.

The Importance of Check-Ins

Keep tabs on your clients while they are still in your custody with a check-in. The check-in is an effective measurement to help you understand if your client is intent on failing to appear in court. It is important to communicate to your clients that they must report to your office after they are released from the jail.

Co-signers are strongly encouraged to check in with the bonding agent and the person released from jail. The bondsman requires these check-ins to ensure that you are still around.

We want you to continue to be aware of your release and court dates or appearances for trial. It is important to be respectful to your bonding company as they are under no obligation to bond you; they did it as a courtesy and can cancel your bond any time. If we cancel your bond, the person released from jail must go back to prison unless you pay the full bail amount.

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