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Bail bonds agencies can process transfer bonds to keep young detainees out of jail

How To Deal With A Transfer Bail Bond?

The bail process for a transfer bail bond may be more difficult for people outside the state where the arrest took place. Most of the bail agents won’t directly help someone who lives outside of the state. They will make a transfer bond and call a bail agent in the state where you live.

The need for a transfer bond comes from your home state when you are under police custody and sent to jail in another state. Your family member or friends can contact a bail bonds agency located in your home state and complete the necessary documentation on your behalf so that you can have peace of mind.

Here’s a valuable insight into dealing with a transfer bail bond:

1.      Underwriting Of The Transfer Bond

When the representatives of a jailed defendant approach a bail bonds agency, bail bonds agents should complete the transfer bond request form and let them know if getting a bail bond is possible and at what cost.

The bail bond and transfer bail bond laws will vary from state to state. Courtrooms and jails have their own rules and regulations, resulting in different bail bond amounts. It would be better not to get information from someone else because bail bonds agents correctly know the transfer bail bond process.

The underwriting process also needs the defendants’ full names, the location of the jails in which they are present, and the nature of their charges. The bail bond amount is also vital to ensure a smooth bail posting process.

2.      Processing The Transfer Bail Bond

After the underwriting of the bond and verification of the information, the processing of the transfer bail bond takes place. The bail bondsmen will tell you the time needed to post bail. It’s vital to keep in touch with your bail agent and not communicate with someone else.

Bail bond agents processing a transfer bail bond

3.      Financial Liability

The bail bond agent is financially liable for the bail bond. If the defendant doesn’t pay, the bail agent will be responsible. As a rule of thumb, giving a bond worth more than USD 10,000 is a sensible approach. This is because you have to pay a lot of money if you want to post bail in another state, so a higher bail amount would make sense.

4.      Additional Charges

You may have to pay extra for the transfer bail bond to take effect. This is because a couple of bail bonds companies have to communicate with one another to process the transfer bail bond. There is a lot more paperwork to do. For bail outside of your home state, you should consider how much the fee will be. The state usually sets the fee.

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