Posts made in November 2019


Property Disputes Between Neighbors—Here’s What Indiana Laws Say

Having a friendly relationship with your neighbor leads to mutual benefits. The two of you can make a joint effort for better security in the area,if you’re heading out for a holiday, you can ask your neighbor to keep a watch for intruders—the list is endless. Neighbors are also great help for emergency situations and times when you need someone to comfort you.  Continue reading


Vandalism—What Are the Fines and Penalties?

According to the US Department of Justice, destroying someone’s property—whether public or private—intentionally is a serious crime. Willful destruction of property—in the form of vandalism—costs property owners a grand total of $15 billion every year! Other than that, it also affects the appearance of your community and keeps people from visiting public places.  Continue reading


What to Expect During Your First Court Hearing

Appearing in court can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. There’s a general air of nervousness and stress. Other than that, you’re also not sure about how it will end and whether the verdict will be in your favor. Even if you’ve planned it out well and have organized all the evidence, the decision lies with the court and can swing either way.  Continue reading