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What Happens When Minors Get Arrested?

In most cases, a minor’s arrest is handled differently from an adult’s. Each arrested minor is dealt with according to the charges and other particulars of the case. If you’re a minor or a parent of a minor, here are all the particulars of the arrest that you should be fully aware of.

Status Offenses Vs. Delinquent Offenses

Status offenses are those that only minors can commit. This includes underage drinking/driving, running away from home, breaking the curfew, etc. On the other hand, delinquent offenses can be done regardless of age, but a minor may be tried differently for it than an adult. These include assault/battery, shoplifting, driving without a license, etc.

Intake and Probation Officers

The first person that a minor interacts with is the intake officer. This officer is responsible for gathering all the information pertinent to the case and presenting it to the judge. On the other hand, the probation officer is a court employee. They supervise the child on the case and tell the judge what needs to happen in the case.

Role of the Attorney

Every child in the juvenile justice system is eligible for an attorney. If they can’t afford one on their own, the court-appointed attorney can fight their case. The lawyer is also responsible for educating the minor and the family about the whole case and all the possible repercussions the minor may face.

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Juvenile Court

All minors are sent to the juvenile court right from the beginning. It’s in these courts that it’s decided whether the minor will be sent to an adult court. Here are all the hearings that happen in the juvenile court.


Within 48 hours after arrest, the judge has to decide whether the child will be kept in a detention center or sent home.


In this hearing, the judge may require the minor to work with a probation officer and stay out of trouble for a stipulated period.

Initial Hearing

In this hearing, the child is told about the charges they’re facing.


The prosecutor may argue that the child should be sent to adult court in this hearing. The judge will listen to all the facts and make a decision.


Witness testaments happen in this hearing to progress the case.


The judge decides whether the child broke the law or not and what their punishment should be.


This hearing happens every six months (until the case is closed) to see how the child behaves on probation.

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