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FAQs about Getting Arrested in Indiana

Getting arrested is not only scary; it can lead to bigger problems if not dealt with properly. If you’re based in Indiana, here are all the FAQs you should peruse to manage this situation in the best possible manner.

Will I know my charges?

The first thing that the arresting police officer does is read your charges to you. This will tell you exactly what you’re in for, and you can use this information as the case proceeds.

Should I ask the police for an arrest warrant?

If the police caught you when you weren’t actively breaking any laws, you have the right to ask for an arrest warrant. This warrant will signify that the police had probable cause to make the arrest. If they don’t have the warrant, they can still arrest you, but they’ll have to prove to the judge that you were arrested legally.

How will I know if I’m being arrested or detained?

You have every right to know whether you’re being arrested or detained. If arrested, the police should have probable cause to go this way. If detained, they should have a reasonable suspicion that you’ve broken the law. Either way, the police is obligated to give you full disclosure of the situation.

Should I answer the police?

According to Miranda Warning, you have the right to remain silent when you’re being arrested and while the police question you. At this point, you can request a lawyer and stay put until they show up.

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Can I get a lawyer?

Yes. It’s absolutely important to get a lawyer to speak on behalf of you. They’ll be well-versed in state laws and will keep you from incriminating yourself.

Am I allowed to talk about my case with family or friends?

The best course of action is to only speak just to your lawyer about the case. This means that you must avoid sharing details of the case with your friends or family.

Will my prior convictions make a difference to my case?

Indiana has a washout period of 5 and 10 years. This means that, depending on your case, the convictions from these periods will count as prior charges and may affect your case.

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