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Is It Okay for The Wealthy to Be Able To ‘Buy Justice’?

There’s absolutely no doubt that our world is a largely inequitable place. Whether you talk about gender, race, wealth, or any other social construct, you’ll find that the scales always tip in favor of the powerful. Amongst all these injustices, the unequal distribution of money exists: the rich keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer.

Many options and facilities are solely reserved for the wealthy lot of the world. The definition of justice also changes for those who have money. Some argue that the wealthy can “buy justice”.  This blog will explore all the facets of this argument and how this situation can be fixed.

How do the Wealthy Buy Justice?

Many rich people are politically connected, making it easier for them to bend the laws and get away with them. With a few phone calls, they’re able to get out of these tricky situations in no time.

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Some argue that money can’t buy you justice. However, it can buy you the best attorneys who can bend justice for you. The best defense attorneys are adept at finding loopholes in the system and working them to their client’s advantage. They can also find ways to delete their client’s criminal records or, at the very least, get an order of non-disclosure from the courts.

Repercussions on Justice System

In theory, the justice system is blind to financial status, means, and resources of those being prosecuted. This means everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and is judged fairly based on evidence, witnesses, and the proceedings of the trial.


However, when the defendant and the plaintiff don’t have equal access to the best lawyers, one party is more likely to suffer. In this case, there’s some chance that the one seeking justice is wrongfully denied of it because of their lack of resources. As a result, the overall justice system tips in the favor of those who have the means to get the best legal aid.


How to Create Equality

Since the inequity puts the poor at a disadvantage, the whole system needs some change. A little more equality can be created in the justice system through these two simple ways.

Inexpensive Qualified Attorneys

More dedicated public attorneys should be available to those who can’t afford expensive legal services. These attorneys can singlehandedly raise the level of the entire judicial system. Additionally, more affordable private legal services should be made available for people, and these attorneys should provide the best services at nominal rates.

Affordable Bail

Affordable bail bond services exist to help both the rich and the poor alike. Their responsibility is to deposit a surety amount on your behalf and ensure that you stay present for all court proceedings. With a bail bond agency, you don’t have to spend any time in jail.


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