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What Happens If You Get Arrested While Out on Probation?

The prospect of getting arrested again while you’re already on probation is quite daunting. It may cause serious financial and legal issues for the accused.

What is Probation?

Probation allows the convicted individual to live within their community under the supervision of a legal officer with strict adherence to the rules and regulations ordered by the court. During the probation period, convicted individuals cannot indulge in any illegal activity as it may lead to severe consequences. Instead, if you’re under probation, you’ll be legally required to regularly contribute to community service, refrain from alcohol and appear in court proceedings punctually. Violation of any of these rules or committing another criminal activity during this time can cause revocation of the probation.

What Happens When a Person Gets a New Charge While on Probation?

If the probationary officer revokes a person’s probation, the court immediately issues an arrest warrant and the defendant will lose their ability to bail out until the hearing is complete.

If this situation occurs, the defendant will possibly be sentenced to jail. According to the probation laws highlighted in A.R.S. 13-901, the judge has the right to imprison the defendant to the same prison sentence they would have received in place of the probation that was settled.

The judge may also order the defendant to serve consecutive terms of imprisonment if the defendant was concurrently serving multiple probations.

The Best Approach to Handle the Situation

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To protect yourself from imprisonment, try to consult a lawyer as soon as you receive the notice to appear in court. The court issues the notice before the initial hearing. If you consult a professional attorney before the court proceedings, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the reason for non-compliance with the lawyer.

The defendant’s attorney can also resolve the issue by discussing the matter with the probationary officer. In case they fail to convince the probationary officer, they’ll still have to prepare the case to mitigate the disastrous legal penalties and convince the judge to order a continuation of the case or at least modification in the extension form.

A lawyer may also convince your judge to extend the probation period and set more limitations in your community activities.

If, however, the defendant gets arrested for the violation of probation or due to another crime during this period, they can post a bond for the violation of probation (VOP). The violation bonds are typically expensive.

Don’t worry, there are some ways you can manage the costs without a hassle. By contacting a licensed bail bondsman, you can discuss your issues and acquire affordable bail bond services.

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