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Why Are Bail Bonds Important in Indiana?

Bail is the monetary guarantee of the accused, ensuring that they will attend court hearings after their release. However, they’re not permanently released, the final decision of their sentence or freedom relies mostly on the court’s ability to schedule the trial.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, imprisoned prisoners under state and federal correctional facilities exist at a rate of 399 prisoners per 100, 000 residents in Indiana, in 2019.

The Indiana state police can hold suspects for a maximum of 15 days before a bond is set. When a person is arrested, they’re accompanied to a bail hearing in front of the judge, who informs the suspect about the amount required to get a release. Here’s why bail bonds are important in Indiana.

Urgent Financial Lending

In most cases, the arrests are unforeseen, and because of this, the defendant doesn’t always have enough money to pay the amount immediately. If this happens, they can consult a 24-hour bail bonds agency that will pay the bail amount and make arrangements for the immediate release of the accused individual.

Expedite The Release

The bail bond system is an integral part of the justice and legal infrastructure. The bonding process generally takes a long time if the defendant tries to manage money on their own or seeks help from a bank or relative. Besides, the police may try to hold you in custody for a longer duration and delay the bail hearing.

Bail bond agents of a reputable agency have professional relationships in the bond system. They can help you get the release faster, without legal complications. Faster release helps the suspect plan how they’ll handle the legal proceedings, discuss their matters with an attorney, and manage their finances effectively. The delay in getting a result can lead to financial issues and may even lead to the loss of a job.

Flexible Payment Plan

The defendants are required to pay the full bond amount to get out of jail. The amount set is usually very high which can’t always be arranged immediately.

A bail bond service provider provides flexible payment solutions that are customized to your requirements and convenience. You can pay them back over time. Established and licensed bail bond agents generally conduct a one-on-one meeting with their clients and create a payment arrangement that’s feasible for both parties.

Respectful Treatment

Whether you’ve committed a crime or not, getting arrested seriously affects person’s reputation among their family, relatives, friends, and the community. Seeking financial help from anyone for bail can be embarrassing. Traditional banks also consider suspects as a threat to the community and don’t always treat such applicants well.

A good bail bond agency, however, treats all its clients with dignity and respect.

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