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The Consequences of Being Arrested in Another State

A detention warrant, either issued in your native county or elsewhere, is indeed a serious offense. Some individuals believe that if their arrest is filed outside of the state, it won’t result in complications such as an arrest within your native state. They believe that a judicial warrant’s power ceases when a county’s boundaries are crossed.

That is not the truth. When an individual gets a warrant outside for their detention in any county, that warrant’s data is accessible and readable to law enforcement officers and regulators in various states.

What follows if you are served with an out-of-county arrest order depends on the order and the offense for which it was issued.

Warrant For Arrest for A Felony

A detention warrant seems to be a legal instrument that enables authorities to detain a person. An order for detention is often filed because police officers accuse the individual mentioned in the order of committing a felony, like assault or murder.

A detention warrant typically allows authorities to detain a suspect at any moment and in any location. This is true for other jurisdictions as well. If a violation is severe enough and officials believe the perpetrator is in another state, they may work with regional police departments in that state to apprehend the accused.

When you are detained by authorities in your native state while having an order issued for your detention in another county for a crime, you will probably get detained and deported to the county where the order was filed. If you have a warrant issued for your detention for a legal offense in a neighboring county, you should consult an experienced criminal trial attorney as soon as possible. They should assist you in surrendering yourself up and trying their utmost to keep the charges, sanctions, plus jail sentence associated with the order to a minimum.

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Misdemeanor Arrest Warrant

Misdemeanors are less serious offenses with smaller penalties than crimes. An order for arrest involving a minor offense does not always guarantee that they will be deported to the county in which the warrant originally got filed. Rather than risking a prison sentence, the situation is likely resolved by paying the penalty.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant seems to be another form of order. Courts impose bench warrants when someone refuses to show up in the courtroom, either for a session or a prosecution. Bench warrants may be granted for either legal or civil proceedings, unlike detention warrants, which implies that an individual is a culprit in a violation.

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