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What Are the Things to Avoid While Out on Bail?

Bail bonds are very beneficial for defendants, but they come with certain risks and rules that one must consider. Bail is often thought of as a way for defendants to get out of jail while waiting for their trial. There are things you should avoid doing while on bail. If you’re not careful, you could end up back in jail and face more severe charges. Here are some things to avoid while you are out on bail.

Don’t run away from the authorities.

An arrest warrant will be issued if you are on bail and fail to show up for your court dates. If you are not in jail, it is essential that you at least make an effort to show up for all of your hearings. You should not skip any future hearings, or they could end up canceling your bail.

Don’t break the law again.

People on bail have to follow specific rules that are required under their release. If you commit a crime while on bail, you could end up back in jail even if you had been paroled. The term “parole” means temporary freedom from prison during your trial for good behavior. Both running away and committing another crime will land you with more severe charges.

Don’t possess any firearms.

It is illegal for people on the bail bond to possess or own a firearm. You can be arrested if you are caught buying, selling, carrying, or even possessing a weapon while on bail. If you have any firearms that were not properly disposed of, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs

If you break this rule, it could result in more charges being filed against you. When police arrest someone for pending charges, they often ask them to take a breathalyzer test. If you are found to have been drinking, your bail could be revoked, and you’ll go back to jail.

Changing addresses or phone numbers

If you move or change your phone number, it does not matter if it is a good idea for safety reasons. Your judge will expect that you notify them of such changes in advance. If you fail to do this, it could result in another charge, and you will likely be taken back into custody.

Hanging out with other people charged with crimes

You should avoid associating with other defendants that are awaiting trial or that might get convicted of a crime. If authorities believe you are associating with other defendants who could get convicted, they will likely assume that you are planning to commit a crime. It is similar to the above rule about changing your address.

These rules are the most important things to remember while out on bail. Breaking any of these rules can result in more charges being filed against you or your bail being revoked.

If you have been accused of a crime and have a court hearing, you may spend up to around 112 days behind bars. If the prosecutor requests a prolongation of these days, the judge should be adequately informed before granting it.

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