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How to Deal with the Police after Getting Arrested

Getting arrested is already a distressing ordeal. If you don’t know how to act in this situation or you’re unsure how to deal with the police, you may escalate the problem. While every situation is different and you can’t predict how yours may go down, there are a few things you can do to avoid running into bigger problems.

If you’ve never had experience with police before, here are some things you must do to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

Be Respectful

The police follow a set protocol when making arrests. If you disrespect them or do anything out of the usual, you’re likely to face severe consequences. Additionally, any disrespect towards the police may result in additional charges such as resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer. This may complicate your case even further.

Comply with Their Orders

When the police officer is reading your Miranda rights to you and telling you what you need to do, you should listen to them at all costs. Not complying with their orders may come across as resisting arrest, and you can become complicit in other crimes.

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If you’re carrying a weapon or have your hands in your pocket, make sure not to make any fast movements.

Ask for a Phone Call

As per federal law, you have the right to make one phone call after arrest (unless explicitly stated otherwise). You can ask your intake officer for this phone call and choose the person carefully. This person should ideally be able to help make arrangements for you to get out of jail seamlessly.

Stay Silent

You can invoke your Fifth Amendment right and stay silent throughout a police interrogation. This is highly recommended as it’ll prevent the police from using any information that may incriminate you. This is the safest course of action to ensure that your case goes by smoothly.

Get a Lawyer

In addition to staying silent, you also have the right to an attorney. You can get your own lawyer, or the court may appoint a public defender to your case. Regardless of the situation, make sure to speak to your lawyer before talking to the police. The lawyer should also be present during all the interrogations.

Find a Reliable Bail Bond Agency When You Get Arrested

If you’ve been charged with an offense, you can come out on bail unless the judge strictly prohibits bail. In this case, an affordable bail bond service can deposit a surety amount with the court that acts as a guarantee that you’ll be present for court proceedings.


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