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How to Support Someone’s Family after They’ve Been Arrested

An arrest in the family can take a toll on all family members. The whole situation can become even more difficult if small kids are involved who have very little understanding of what’s going on. In these circumstances, it’s up to other people to offer support to the distressed family.

If you know someone who’s been arrested, make sure to reach out to their family and give them your support. Here are all the ways you can help them deal with this dire situation.

Make sure the Kids are Taken Care of

If the arrested person has kids, make sure that they’re well taken care of. If the kids don’t have an adult sibling to take care of them or have older grandparents that are struggling, try to support them as much as you can.


If they have an adult relative living with them, make sure to offer them food and stay present if they need your help.

Be Respectful

Be mindful of the other person’s space. They may not want to share the details of their case with you. In this situation, be respectful of their privacy and maintain a distance from the specifics of their case. Make sure you don’t ask any probing questions that cause distress to the other person.

Offer Financial Support

Arrest and court proceedings are both emotionally and financially cumbersome. In addition to emotional support, make sure to offer financial help as well. They may need the money to get bail, hire a qualified team of lawyers, or simply get by.

Connect them with a Lawyer

If you’ve worked with a qualified lawyer before, you can use this connection to help the family. Your responsibility should end there, and you must remember not to ask the family about any specifics of the case. If needed, you should also try to get a concession from this lawyer or have them fight the case pro-bono.

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Find a Bail Service for Them

If the family isn’t sure about the best course of action for the arrested person, you should find a bail service for them. Getting bail as soon as possible should be the first course of action. This will allow the person to fight their case while being with their family.


If someone you know has been arrested, you should find a licensed bail bond agent for them. All you have to do is connect with a reliable and affordable bail bond service and they’ll take care of the whole situation.


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