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Why Do the Rich Get Away with Their Crimes?

Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s largely tipped to the benefit of those who are rich while the poor face the brunt of it. Ever heard the Golden Rule “He, who has the gold, makes the rules”? It rings especially true in today’s world where the poor are prosecuted for the smallest things while the rich can get scot-free.

Here are all the reasons why it’s so much easier for the rich to get away with their crimes without facing any real consequences.

Political Connections

Rich people often develop strong political ties by donating to different political campaigns. This allows them to leverage these relationships in case of an arrest. These connections can not only help the rich stay out of prison; it can also help them expunge their criminal records and have a clean slate.

Veil of Secrecy

Rich people have the money and the means to get other people to do their dirty work for them. This gives them an added veil of secrecy, making it even more difficult to catch them in the act.

Better Lawyers

OJ Simpson’s trial is proof that a great team of lawyers can save even the most brutal of murderers. This is perhaps the biggest advantage the rich have over the poor: access to a better, more qualified team of lawyers. This team can find loopholes in the law and twist the situation to the alleged criminal’s advantage.

Order of NLady Justice Sculpture made of brass.on-Disclosure

An order of non-disclosure is particularly handy for the rich as this gives them the clean slate they want. A qualified team of lawyers is more than adept at acquiring this order to hide criminal records from all public platforms. The rich can go one step ahead and have the records expunged entirely, allowing them to hide them from everyone.


Convenient Bail

Unless their crimes are non-bailable offenses, the rich hardly ever have to stay in jail. They can easily seek bail and get out of jail while their case proceeds in the courts. Bail is easier for them as they have easy access to money, and putting down a surety amount isn’t a problem.

Are You In Trouble? Hire a Reliable Bail Bond Agency

Bail isn’t reserved for the rich alone, but most poor people are unaware of this option. In case of an arrest, you can simply find an affordable bail bond service to deposit a surety amount with the court. This bare minimum amount acts as a guarantee that you’ll show up to court while you fight the case outside the jail.


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