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7 Ways to Avoid Arrest

An arrest may lead to a permanent record and unnecessary stress for you and your family. While some circumstances make it impossible to avoid arrest, you can take some steps to ensure that you’re not put in those situations, to begin with. Here are seven ways you can avoid unnecessary arrests.

1.    Drive Responsibly

Driving under the influence or speeding is the worst thing you can do. The easiest way to avoid getting arrested on the road is by driving responsibly and ensuring the safety of others on the road. If you’ve had more than the legal limit, find a cab or get a sober driver. Also, be aware of the speed limits on each road at all times.

2.    Plan Your Trips

If there’s a volatile situation unfolding or unrest in the city, you should avoid leaving the house. The last thing you need is to get stuck on the road in the middle of trouble and get arrested just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

3.    Learn the Weapon Laws

If you carry weapons, make sure that you’re well versed in all the state laws pertaining to carrying weapons. Also, ensure that you have all the required documentation to avoid getting into trouble with the police.

4.    Pay the Fines

Never delay the payment of your outstanding fines. If you’ve been required to show up to court, make sure to go there and get your dues settled. If you get stopped by police, and there are outstanding penalties on your license plate, you’ll fall into deeper trouble.

5.    Illegal Substances and Prescription Drugs

If you carry any prescription drugs, make sure to keep them in their respective containers. Don’t mix other medicines with it as it may arouse suspicion. Also, make sure you or your passengers don’t have any illegal substances in the car, or you’ll get additional charges.

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6.    Don’t Resist Arrest and Be Respectful

If you want to keep the situation from escalating, you must remain respectful of the police at all times. Always cooperate with them when they ask for documents or relevant details. The more aggressive you become, the more the situation will escalate. Try never to resist arrest. If you do, you may receive additional charges from the cops on duty.

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