An individual arrested for a DUI.

Here’s How You Can Support a Friend Who Got A DUI

DUIs are very common in the United States. We all have a friend who has called us in despair after getting a speeding ticket. However, things can go really south if they get arrested for a driving offense.


Either way, here’s how you can help them:


Don’t be judgmental


Getting arrest could be very traumatizing. You don’t need to make it worse for them. If they choose you out of all the people and call you up, it’s because they really trust you. You need to respect that trust and be as compassionate as possible.


Don’t make them feel bad about what has happened. Encourage them that it’s all going to be okay. Make them feel like it’s all temporary and they’ll soon be out and reunite with their family. Offer all sorts of emotional and mental support that you can muster.


Be available for their family


If a friend is spending time behind bars, they’re probably worried about their family back home. Call up the family and ask them if there is anything you can do for them. Offer any sort of financial assistance if it’s possible. Reassure them that you’re doing everything in your capacity to help their family member.

An individual arrested for a DUI

Get a bail bond


Your friend definitely needs all of that emotional support but the main issue at hands is their bail. Your friend called you because they really expect you help them escape the bars. Cash bail is expensive, and it won’t be easy to feasible to pay the full bail amount in cash. We recommend signing a bail bond on their behalf.


Read up on the DUI laws for Indiana beforehand and gain a thorough understanding of the local laws, penalties, and subsequent bail amounts. Contact your nearest bail bond agency straightaway and arrange for your friend’s bail.


You’ll be required to pay an initial commission (usually equal to 10% of the total bail amount) and secure it with a collateral. As a part of the bond promise, you need to ensure that your friend attends all of their court hearings. Once they do so, you can ask for the collateral back.


If you’re looking for bail bond services, DeLaughter Bail Bonds is an excellent choice for those based in Indiana. Here is all you need to know about our bail bond services.







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