A happy couple after reuniting following an arrest.

What to Do If Your Significant Other Has Been Arrested?

When you’re dating someone, you always want the best for them. You want them to excel in life, stay safe, and be a good citizen. In the middle of all this, your partner getting arrested can take a toll on your relationship and love life.


Here’s what you need to do if that happens:

Keep calm


This is the most important step. Your partner is not going to spend their entire life behind bars. You don’t need to visit them in the prison and start crying—it’ll only make things difficult for them. Try to be their emotional pillar of support.


Tell them that it’s going to be all okay. We know it’s hard to spend a few days without your partner by your side but one of you two need to be strong. Please remember that the estrangement is only temporary and the two of you will be together soon.


A happy couple after reuniting following an arrest


Get them bailed out


This has to be your first instinct. Right after you get to know that your beau has been arrested, don’t waste a second and call the bail bond agency. Sign a bail bond to make arrangements for their bail.


The bail bond agent will ask you to deposit collateral and a 10% commission. After your partner is out, you’ll need to ensure that they attend all of their court hearings. If they fail to do so, the court may cancel the bail or send bounty hunters after them. This is an unpleasant situation that you definitely don’t want for yourself or your partner.


Help them comply with the law


An arrest is not an ideal situation to happen to anyone. Even a minor arrest record can haunt you for the rest of your lives and take a toll on your partner’s potential employment and housing opportunities.


Just because they’re out on bail doesn’t mean your partner can go back to the old ways and keep on meddling with the law. As a partner, it’s your duty to keep them motivated to do good to avoid any such occurrences in the future.


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