A defendant behind bars

Different Types of Arrests You Need to Know About

All arrests aren’t technically the same. However, all arrests in the world are super traumatizing, scary, and frightening. No one likes the idea of spending a night behind bars. There are two ways to avoid the trouble:


  1. Follow the rules and don’t get arrested.
  2. Get in touch with a bail bond agent to help you escape the bars.


Before you seek help, you need to be aware of the different types of arrests and how they affect you:

Arrest without warrant


This type of arrest takes place when the officer is fully entitled to arrest the defendant on legal grounds but without a warrant. The police can usually arrest a suspect without a warrant if they have a legitimate reason to believe that the suspect has been a part of an arrestable offense.


However, an arrest of this nature can only take place if it’s backed by credible information.  The reasonable suspicion needs to be based on credible facts and figures rather than guesses.

Arrest with a warrant


If the offense is not obviously arrestable, the officer needs a warrant to validate the arrest. The police aren’t allowed to make such arrests without a definitive and legal warrant.



A defendant behind bars.

Private arrest


A private arrest is also known as a citizen’s arrest in the United States. This is a very specialized sort of arrest that only takes place within two different types of situations:


Under the first situation, a private individual is allowed to arrest a defendant who has committed an arrestable and non-bailable offense. However, right after the defendant has been arrested, the private person needs to hand them over to the authorities without any delays. To validate such an arrest, the private person needs to be in close proximity to the offense that has been committed.


Under the second situation, if a certain level of offense has been committed against a victim’s property, the victim can apprehend the defendant. For the defendant to be apprehended, it’s important that the defendant’s name and residential address is unknown.


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