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What Are Your Rights When You Get Arrested?

Getting arrested can be an ordeal. If you’re unaware of your rights, the situation can become even more distressing. The best way to prevent the situation from escalating is to know all your rights. This will also help you get out of the problem promptly.

If you’re not sure of your rights when you get arrested, keep reading to find out.

Remain Silent

The most important right that you need to be aware of is remaining silent while getting arrested. The court of law has bestowed this right to you so that you don’t incriminate yourself by saying anything that may be used against you. No matter how much you’re tempted to defend yourself, make sure to stay silent when you’re under arrest.

Don’t Consent to a Body Search

You have the choice to deny body search if the police ask for it. There’s a good chance that you’ll still get body searched despite your clear denial. However, it’s important that you clearly state that you don’t consent to it to the police. This will help your legal proceedings in the future.

Don’t Answer Unnecessary Questions

You don’t have to answer any unnecessary questions about your ethnicity or the country you’re born in. Even if you’re not a US citizen, you don’t have to tell the police about it. You also don’t need to answer any questions about how you entered the country.

Be Told You’re Arrested

You have to be told that you’re arrested or charged. Your exact charges should be told to you while the arrest is happening. In addition to this, all your Miranda rights should also be read to you

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Legal Aid

The most important right that you must exercise at all costs is to ask for a lawyer. If you can’t afford your own lawyer, the court can assign one to your case. Regardless of the situation, you must speak to the lawyer before saying anything to the police. When interrogated by the police, you should remain silent while your attorney answers on your behalf.

Use a Bail Bond Agency

If you’ve been charged with an offense, you can come out on bail unless the judge strictly prohibits bail. In this case, an affordable bail bond service can deposit a surety amount with the court that acts as a guarantee that you’ll be present for court proceedings.


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