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What to Expect at a Bail Hearing

It’s important to understand what goes in a bail hearing before you appear in court. Who will be present, what’s the purpose of the hearing, and what should a defendant expect during the hearing?

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What’s the Purpose of Bail Hearing?

A bail hearing is an arraignment process where the judge determines whether a defendant can post bail or not.

The purpose of this hearing is to look into the likelihood of the accused showing up at their criminal trial. This hearing sets the bail amount if bail is granted. The defendant may present evidence, but ultimately the judge makes the decision.

Who Can Be Present At the Hearing?

A judge presides over the bail hearing, whereas a jury’s presence is optional. The defendant must appear with their defense attorney if they’ve hired one. Spectators are welcome to attend the hearing.

What Influences The Outcome of Hearing?

The court considers several factors before deciding whether or not to grant the bail and the exact amount. Some of the factors include:

  • The nature of the crime. Is it a felony such as murder or a small misdemeanor? The more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount. In some cases, the judge may deny bail altogether.
  • Defendant’s employment status and financial standing. If you have a job, you may receive bail because it indicates low flight risk. Similarly, poor financial status may impact the bail amount.
  • Personal character, such as your past criminal history. If you’ve been charged for a crime or misdemeanor in the past, it’ll show poorly on your record and will affect the bail amount.
  • Court appearances. Have you skipped previous court hearings and proceedings? If yes, the court will have reason to believe you might do it again and may not grant bail or do so at a higher amount.

The defendant or their attorney must provide evidence for these aforementioned factors.

What Can be The Outcomes of the Decision?

The court may deny your bail due to your past criminal history. Or, you may secure release based on certain conditions. For instance, the court may impose travel restrictions, curfew, periodic meetings and check-ins, employment requirements and counseling if necessary.


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