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What Happens if You Violate Your Bail Conditions?

If you’re arrested for a crime in Indiana, you will likely receive a bail bond by the magistrate in your case. There are several conditions that a magistrate considers before granting bail. Some of these include:

  • Previous criminal record: This includes whether the defendant has been arrested before.
  • The nature of the charge: Non-bailable warrants are issued against serious crimes like kidnapping, murder and rape. Bail is more easily procured for minor crimes.
  • The physical safety of involved parties and the community.

Magistrates also take into account flight risks for a defendant. Some considerations to avoid the defendant’s  flight risk include:

  • The nature of the defendant’s residence
  • The defendant’s family ties and relationships

The American justice system is rife with cases that take years to conclude. Being accused of a minor offence adds more pressure on the justice system. Our bail bond service in Allen County offers surety bonds for all types of cases. We ensure you or your loved one doesn’t have to go through financial stress or arrange bond money at the eleventh hour. Contact us for more information.

Here are some options for you if you violate your bail conditions.

Bond Revocation

In the case of not appearing before the court, the court can revoke/cancel the defendant’s bond revocation. This will land the defendant back in jail—an arrest warrant is issued against the defendant after the bail bond is revoked.

The Surety is Asked to Produce the Defendant

Surety, in legal terms, is the part that pays the bond and ensures the defendant will show up on all trials. Our bail bond services in Elkhart, IN, keep you updated with trial dates so that you never miss a hearing!

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The Court Can Levy a Fine on the Defendant

The court can ask the defendant to pay a small fine for wasting the court’s time and resources. This fine, unlike the bail bond, will not be refunded.

Engage in Community Service

The judge may ask the defendant to engage in community service while still on bail. Not all bail violations are treated the same. You can be absent from court if you have an emergency. The courts must be informed beforehand about a financial or medical emergency.

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