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What Happens at a Bond Hearing?

Arranging for bail is the first thing you should do post-arrest. You have several attorneys you can contact out of jail, have a future contingency in place, and see if you have funds to hire an expert lawyer. We always recommend that our customers let us know when they are arrested. Our affordable bondsmen services are available 24/7 in Indiana—in around 14 counties!

For minor criminal cases like snatching, bail is granted in a short time. As per law, there are three possibilities for bail:

  • Bail extension on the observation of the investigating officer/ the superintendent.
  • Bail on Own Recognizance
  • Bail on surety; a third party submitting a bail bond for the defendant’s future conduct

The court calls a bond hearing for a bond to be accepted on the defendant’s behalf. Read more about the process:

The Attendees

A bond hearing has the judge, the defense lawyer, and the defendant. The hearing focuses on whether the defendant should be released from jail. It’s entirely upon the judge to decide if the defendant shows enough credentials as a law-abiding citizen or not. They also consider whether the defendant will appear for all their trial hearings.

Factors Considered During the Decision

A judge usually considers the following before concluding.

Flight Risk

A person charged with criminal offenses is likely to flee the area. They have certain travel restrictions imposed. While you can engage in inter-state travel, you will always have to take the court’s permission before the endeavor. It’s highly unlikely that international travel would be allowed. Persons who have criminal trials in other states are also considered a major flight risk.

You don’t have to worry about coming back to your home state. Even if your case is registered in some other state, you can always use our transfer bonds to spend bail time in your home state. Get in touch with us to know more about the availability of bail bonds in Grant County.

The Risk of Committing Crime

The judge ensures the defendant will not engage in criminal activity while on bail.

Is the Defendant a Threat to the Community?

The defendant shouldn’t be a threat to the community. The final decision to decide for the factor resides with the judge.

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The Process

During the process, a bail bonds service is introduced in the court. The service pays a surety bond on the defendant’s behalf.

Bail Bond Services in Indiana

With 24-hour bail bond services available for every situation, we are here to help defendants get out of jail quickly. We are among the most reliable providers of bail bond services throughout Indiana. Contact our bail services in Wells County to learn more about our different bond types.

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