A pregnant woman in jail.

What Happened If You Get Arrested While You’re Pregnant?


Pregnancy isn’t an easy phase to get through. It’s a very physically, emotionally, and financially challenging phase. At the same time, it’s also a rewarding period that you really want to enjoy. Don’t make an arrest ruin it for you.


Here are a few tips that will help you get through an arrest during your pregnancy:

Be honest


There is no need to hide your pregnancy from the authorities. If you’re pregnant at the time of the arrest, be quick to inform the booking officer immediately. You might also want to request the officer to enter this information into the jail’s computer records.


Following this, the jail authorities might even perform a pregnancy test to confirm the theory. Don’t forget to be an advocate of your own health. Getting the test will help you get your medical record documented.

Inform them of any medical issue


If you’re going through a complicated pregnancy, you have every right to get your health issues noticed and documented. Inform them regarding any medicines that you’re currently taking or any special care guidelines that the doctor has prescribed. Talk about any health conditions that might affect your pregnancy.


Issues like these could include prior pregnancy complications, HIV, hepatitis, and STDs. Inform the staff about any sort of addition that you’re dealing with. They might make any temporary arrangements for the supplements in the jail unit to help you manage the dependency.



A pregnant woman in jail.

Know who to call


You’re not going to be allowed to make multiple calls from behind bars. Call someone who is familiar with your medical history and knows how to help. Ask the jail authorities if your family can bring in the required medication for you. Call someone who you know will help you post their bail. Bail is your constitutional right. If your finances don’t allow you to post cash bail, you can always opt for a bail bond.


After your bail amount has been set, a bail bond agent will help you post your bail. You’ll need to pay the 10% commission and deposit collateral to secure the bond. If you’re based in Indiana, you need to reach out to DeLaughter Bail Bonds. We take pride in being one of the top bail bond agencies in the state. Take a look at our service areas.

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