Understanding the 3 Types of Laws, You May Encounter

Getting into trouble with the law is a hard situation to deal with. To get through, the first thing you need to do is to be grounded in the legal system.

You must know what constitutional rights you have and how you can claim them within your jurisdiction. You should also know about the different types of laws that you’ll potentially have to deal with.

Here are some of them:

Criminal law

Criminal law is fairly simple to understand. It deals with tracing and punishing those who have somehow broken the law or are guilty of a crime.

The goal, in this case, is to find the perpetrator and determine how to best serve justice. Criminal justice is a very extensive field of study that covers all sorts of crimes. This includes murder, assault, homicide, and even copyright disputes.

If the cops ask you to pull over because of a DUI, for instance, you will be treated under the provisions of criminal law.

A criminal law paralegal not only assists the attorney by collecting required evidence, but also gathers evidence and coordinates with eyewitnesses for interviews. They also make important trial notes and fill in legal documents to help their party win.

books of law

Corporate law

This is a subsegment of criminal justice that ensures that all the companies operating in that jurisdiction are conducting business ethically. They do so by making sure that these businesses comply with the federal and state-level regulations that govern their operations. Corporate law also requires businesses to meet certain compliance standards, including those related to accounting and bookkeeping.

Corporate law governs how companies are made, funded, run, and liquidated. It governs the rights of labor and other employees and how they are remunerated. It also regulates how your investors, shareholders, distributors, and customers interact with each other.

Family law

If you feel like you need to go to court to get a family dispute solved, you’d be dealing with family law. This type of law regulates and governs family relationships. These includes child custody, divorce, adoption, and parental rights. In some cases, the law also deals with issues of domestic violence and child abuse.

Such cases are usually resolved through emotional negotiations and dialogue. In severe cases, such crimes can land you in jail for years.

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