Tips to Stay Calm During an Arrest

There are a million thoughts that come to your mind when you’re told that you’re under arrest.

‘What if the entire neighborhood finds out?’

‘Will my boss fire me knowing that I got arrested?’

‘How will my family take it?’

‘Will I be able to pay for bail?’

‘What if I’m declared guilty?’

It’s human to be worried. Arrests are scary, and they can affect us deeply. However, losing your cool and panicking will only make things difficult for you. Before taking a step in any direction, you must get a hold of your emotions.

Here are a few things that might help:

Don’t act impulsively

It’s natural not to know what to do when you’re under arrest. However, it would help if you’re careful about not making any sudden movements. It’ll make the officer feel like you’re panicking and might tempt them to take advantage of it. They might also think that you’re attempting to hide something or make a run for it.

Furthermore, sudden movements can get your heart to beat faster. Not only does this affect the body’s response to stress but it also keeps you from staying calm. Even if you’re nervous and feel like you need to sway back and forth, do so slowly and gradually. Keep your hands out of your pockets and make sure they’re visible.


Take deep breaths

This might sound very cliché and redundant but taking deep breaths can help make your situation easier to process. It makes you feel calmer and normal. Deep breaths might also help you control your nerves and keep yourself from throwing a fit, yelling, or arguing with the officer.

You can also quietly remind yourself to breathe in and out when you’re being searched. It’s a better idea to let the air in through your lips so you can feel it passing down your mouth. Focus on the movement of your belly and feel it deflate as it gets filled with air. Let your abdomen expand as much as it can. When you let the air out, focus on the belly movement again as it shrinks back to its size.

According to research by Harvard Medical School, deep breathing helps you disengage from your surroundings and detach from the thoughts and sensations that come with it. It might help you momentarily take your mind off the situation and help you go back to a mental state where you can think rationally.

Get help!

Knowing that there’s someone who can help you escape trouble is one of the biggest de-stressors ever. Whenever you’re stuck in such a situation, be quick to call up a loved one who can take charge of the situation and just be by your side to make you feel better. After friends and family, the third person that you should trust in such a situation is a bail bond agent.

Most bail bond agents are quick to act. They’ll show up at the arrest site and get straight to business to make sure you don’t spend too much time in custody. If you’re stressed out about paying the hefty bail amount, your bail bond agent will also make the ordeal less stressful by taking care of it. By signing a bail bond, you are only liable to pay the 10% commission and secure it with collateral. The agent pays the rest of the amount on your behalf.

When looking for a bail bond agent, always trust a local bail bond service. They’ll rush to help immediately and are well aware of the local laws. DeLaughter Bail Bonds is serving across Indiana!

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