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Reasons You Can’t Get a Bond

Ending up in jail is never anyone’s intention, but it happens. The good news is that a bail bond agreement can get you out of jail. However, there are circumstances due to which you aren’t allowed bail bonds.

Here are some charges where you can be denied bail:

The charges are severe

The severity of the crime committed takes priority when it comes to bail. Bail requests are automatically denied for severe crimes like murder. Such crimes are treated differently than less severe charges. Since severe crimes have the potential to result in a death penalty, the defendant is held in custody till the jury comes to a verdict.

If the judge denies bail, the defendant returns to jail. They must wait there until the next hearing date. Alternatively, the defendant can appeal to a higher court to reverse the denied bond.

Person who is experiencing stress and regret

Repeat offenders

Defendants who have gotten in trouble with the law previously tend to be denied bail. Their behavior shows no remorse for their prior actions, as they continue to repeat them.

A person on parole charges with additional crimes might also not be given the option of bail. The court will probably be in favor of keeping this person behind bars, as they would otherwise continue to harm society.

Posing a threat to society

Judges deny bail to those showing signs of mental illness and instability. Such individuals pose a threat to themselves and others, and require supervision. To prevent harm to society and themselves, they are provided the treatment they require. While they may be sent off to a facility for such treatment, they are still being supervised and aren’t “free.”

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