Handcuffs used to arrest teenage offenders

Questions to Ask a Bail Bond Company in Indiana

It’s very natural to feel vulnerable when you’ve been told that you’re under arrest. The key is not to lose your calm and don’t react in a way that could hurt your case. Take a deep breath and look for the nearest bail bond service.

We recommend asking them the following questions before signing the bond:

What percentage commission do you charge for a bail bond?

Please keep this in mind. The state law of Indiana has authorized a fixed 10% commission (bail bond fee) for all types of bail bonds. Any company promising a lower or higher amount is probably a scam. Even if they offer a 5% rate, they’re either not an authorized and credible service or will cut corners in other essential aspects of the service. A credible and reputable service will not need to offer heavily discounted rates to get more customers on board.

Outside a jail facility in Indiana.

How long will it take you to get my friend/family member out of jail?

Even spending a few nights behind bars can take a toll on an individual’s reputation, work, relationships, and mental health. Make sure you’re trusting a bail bond service that could not only ensure a fast turnaround but could also give you an exact timeframe for the defendant’s release. Even though a bail bond agent can’t control how the jail processes work, they can definitely expedite their part of the release process. An experienced bail bond agent should also be aware of the specific jail’s usual processing time.

Are you licensed?

Ideally, any credible and reputable bail bond agency should be listed with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is an institution that works for consumer rights protection and helps them find credible and trustworthy service providers. As far as Indiana is concerned, both the bail bond agents and recovery agents are licensed by the Indiana Department of Insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask for their licensing status. Relying on an unlicensed bail bond agent is the same as consulting a street hawker for medical advice.

If you’re based in Indiana, you’re in luck! DeLaughter Bail Bond takes pride in being a licensed, registered, and credible bail bond service from Indiana. Our bail bond agents are spread throughout the state and are always readily available. Get in touch to book our bail bond services.

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