Barbed wire on a prison fence.

Prisoner Rights vs. Prisoner Privileges: Know the Difference

The purpose of imprisonment is to detain criminals and offenders in an area where they’re limited some of their rights, with their freedom being one. Despite this, they’re not stripped of all of their rights. And in some scenarios, prisoners can be treated better than others and offered due privileges. These can vary from facility to facility, states as well as the management overseeing a certain facility. Here’s a distinction between the two as well as some forms of them:

Prisoner Rights

One of the most basic rights a prisoner has is for their protection and to receive bail. With no security concerns involved, an inmate can practice their religion as well. Another common right is separation during their incarceration period. Because of this, inmates are separated on the basis of gender, age and other internal classifications for their protection and safety.

For creating an environment free of violence, jails and prisoners are required to assess and establish a safe surrounding for all inmates. Inmates are also allowed to receive a legal education, along with some type of recreation in general. In case an inmate is hurt or ill, their medical needs must also be taken care of.

Prisoner Privileges

Every prisoner has some form of right, some more than others, but privileges can also be given to prisoners. On the basis of good behavior, prisoners can have better access to work, means of making money and even entertainment. People can even get out early on “good time.” Some prisons will also allow the inmates to wear their own clothes rather than uniforms and confine them in their cells for shorter periods.

Prisoners don’t have the option to pick their tasks or refuse a specific task, but on the basis of their behavior, they can be allowed to work outside the facility. This includes cleaning the trash outside the prison area. Apart from the TV in the common area, you can receive one for your personal cell as well if your behavior earns you one as a reward.

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