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All the Reasons Your Judge Might Deny Bail

A bail is a right under the Eight Amendment of the US constitution. It lets the person prepare their defense and deal with their problems before any trial or heating. But in some severe cases, you can be denied your rights. This applies for bail as well, and on the basis of several factors, you can be determined to not be fit to receive bail. Here are a few situations and conditions on which a person can be denied bail:

Crime severity

The most common reason for bail denial is the severity of the crime. If the crime is of a violent nature, such as murder or rape, getting bail is very difficult. The judge has the right to determine how severe the act is and deny bail accordingly.

Being A Threat to The Public

A major consideration for bail is the fact that a person is unlikely to commit the act or repeat the alleged act in consideration. The judge and the justice system, in general, want to protect the public from falling victim, and if considered dangerous to society, a person can be denied bail. Antisocial or terroristic behavior can result in a person being deemed a threat.

Flight Risk

A person gets bail with the judge’s trust in them to stay in the area and go through the trial proceedings as per the requirement. If a judge can determine on some grounds that a person has the intention of running away to dodge the case, they have the right to deny bail. It can be difficult in most scenarios, but in the case of repeat offenses and past criminal records, it’s very much possible.

Not Showing Up to Court

Before the trial, the alleged culprit has to show up for a court hearing on the dates they’re given. These are taken very seriously, and if a person fails to show interest and appear on them, they can be denied bail. It sets an overall bad impression that can linger on for the rest of your case.

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