How To Behave In Front Of Your Judge

After being arrested and bailed, the verdict of the court hearing determines your future. Other than the lawyer presenting your case, the way you behave in court also tells a judge a lot about you. A court and the judge must be respected.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the way you should ideally behave in court:

Make an effort to dress well

Whether you have been out on bail or have spent the days leading up to your court date in jail, it’s essential to put in effort to look neat and tidy for court. You should be well-groomed and well-dressed. Keep your clothing professional and hair neat. Moreover, make sure you never wear a hat in court, unless for religious reasons.

If you have many facial piercings, consider taking them out. If you wear makeup, keep it minimal and professional.

Never chew gum, tobacco, eat, drink, or smoke in the court room. It’s considered disrespectful. Electronic devices are also not allowed either; if you’re allowed to bring in a cell phone, make sure it’s turned off to prevent any distractions.

Don’t speak, unless you’re asked to

You must maintain decorum at all times in the court. Don’t show any emotions or get aggressive when the other party is testifying. No matter what they say while testifying, you have to be calm and quiet. While it’s understandable to feel nervous or upset, you cannot voice this or you can be removed from court and even arrested.

Never speak out of turn in court. You’re only allowed to speak when a question is directed at you and it’s your turn. It’s also best to keep your responses as precise and brief as possible, as directed by your attorney. Letting your emotions get the best of you can sway the case in the other party’s favor.

Always refer to the judge respectfully

When referring to a judge in court, always refer to them respectfully with “Your Honor.” A judge holds a prestigious position and has earned this respect. If the judge is asking you questions, always reply with “Yes, Your Honor” or “No Your Honor.”

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