How to Avoid Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous. Not only are you endangering your life, but you’re also putting other motorists, pedestrians, and property at risk. Drunk driving in Indiana is taken very seriously; depending on the circumstances, you can be fined up to $5,000, spend a year in jail, or be subjected to a license suspension for up to 2 years. A drunk driving charge taints your record, which is why it’s essential to avoid it at all costs.

Here are some tips that will help you avoid drunk driving:

Pick a designated driver

When planning a night out with friends, always assign a designated driver. A designated driver is sober the entire night and doesn’t drink. It’s their responsibility to drive everyone back safely. Take turns being the designated driver for every night out with friends.

Book a cab or private vehicle to pick and drop you

If being the designated driver seems unfair, book a cab or private vehicle. Pre-book the service of your choice to take you to and bring you back from your drunken night. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding a cab or public transport at an odd hour at night. For those who think booking a cab, private vehicle with a chauffeur, or a ride hailing service is expensive, compare the cost to paying $5,000 in fines having your license suspended.

Person sitting in the passenger seat.

Get a portable breathalyzer

If you have gone for a meal and have had a little to drink, you might think you’re clear to drive. However, alcohol measurements differ from place to place. You might think your drink is quite light when it isn’t, for example.

Or you may think it’s been an hour and half since you had a drink so you must be fine. Never take the risk of getting behind the wheel until you are absolutely certain. Invest in a portable breathalyzer to give you an idea of your BAC levels. While these devices cannot be trusted 100%, it’s still better to use one to get a fair idea about your BAC levels. Here are some of the best portable breathalyzers that you can invest in.

Spend the night and leave when you have sobered up

If you’re visiting a friend for a drink or have had too much to drink for whatever reason, spend the night at a loved one’s place. Even if you’re not very drunk, it’s not worth taking the risk of driving back. Spend the night at a friend or relative’s house near the location you were at and go home once you have sobered up.

Alternatively, if you’re near home, consider walking back. Only do so if your judgment isn’t significantly impaired.

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