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Differences between Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters

A bounty hunter and bail bond agent are vastly different but complementary jobs. Bail bondsmen work with bounty hunters in an event when a defendant jumps bail. A bail bondsman takes care of the law, and bounty hunters oversee the things’ order size. Bail bondsmen have to take federal laws and regulations under consideration, and bounty hunters consider state laws regarding criminal and civil recovery of offenders.

Bail Bond Agency

A bail bondsman works in between the courts and office to work out bails for accepted offenders. A bondsman posts different bails based on the defendant’s situation. The bail bondsman holds a state license by the insurance department to post bails at a percentage fee.

A bail bondsman, to approve the necessary funds for the offender’s release, acquires a co-signer. It can be the offender’s family member.

They enter a contract with a bail bond or the state government. They enter an agreement to post the amount of bail in exchange for a fee from the offender. In case an offender has jumped their bail, the bondsman becomes legally responsible for the bail amount.

Bounty Hunters

Fugitive Recovery Agent, also called bounty hunters, capture criminals for profit or “bounty.” Bail bondsmen hire bounty hunters to find, arrest, and deliver a criminal in a set amount of time.

As the fugitive violates the court orders, the bounty hunter can go above and beyond their means to arrest them. That’s why the bounty hunters are getting training similar to the police officers. They’re required to have training and certification in gun handling, pepper spray, hand and leg restraints, and hand-to-hand combats.

Bounty hunting is high risk and high-intensity job. It requires the candidates to have a background in law enforcement and the military. They’re only paid if they deliver the criminal to the court within the time allotted. That’s the reason why this job requires one to have motivation.

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