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Can You Convince the Judge to Lower the Initial Bail?

Laws and procedures regarding pretrial release tend to vary somewhat from one state to another. There are also several factors that influence bail amounts. However, there are a number of different factors that defense attorneys regularly address when attempting to get a lower or even no bail for their clients.

We’ve dedicated this piece to exploring this subject in more detail. Let’s take a look.

Factors That Defense Attorneys Address for Lower/No Bail

These are the most common factors that attorneys address when attempting to secure a lower bail or even no bail for their clients:

Criminal Record

The lawyer often tries to present any of the defendant’s past experiences with the criminal justice system in a way that works in the defendant’s favor. In the case that the client has no criminal record, the attorney will emphasize as much. In the case that the defendant has had run-ins with the criminal justice system, their attorney will generally emphasize (to the extent possible) that the defendant made all their required appearances that are associated with the charges against them.

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Danger to the Community

In this case, the attorney argues that their client, the defendant, will not pose a threat to anyone while they’re out of custody. Of course, this line of argument is more applicable to defendants who are charged with nonviolent crimes.

The Defendant’s Ties to the Community

Another crucial factor that attorneys tend to emphasize is the defendant’s ties to the community. For instance, a defendant that has significant local family ties, as well as a job, generally fares better in the court’s eyes. Judges tend to be impressed when a defendant’s family members and employer appear personally to support them at a bail hearing.

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