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Essential Tips for Courtroom Success

Court decisions are life-changing. It comes as no surprise that trials can cause you a significant amount of stress, especially if you’re representing yourself. If that’s the case, don’t panic. All you have to do is to be well-prepared and keep these 5 tips in mind to make your bail application successful.

1.    Deadlines are Important

When you file papers to start a lawsuit, you’ll get many deadlines — from requesting a trial to informing your opponent about the witness you want to call at the trial. Many courts’ websites have all the regulations, and they will tell you everything that you should know and do before the trial begins. Please take note of all the deadlines and ensure that you meet all of them. The judge doesn’t give a leeway.

2.    Choosing a Jury or a Judge Trial

Cases like small claims must be heard by judges only. However, in most cases, the parties hold the right to request a jury trial. A lawyer will choose a judge for a complicated case and a jury for a sympathetic case. The idea behind this is the fact that a judge can unbiasedly apply the law.

If you’re representing yourself, it’s easier to present in front of the judge as the jury selection requires a complicated voir dire process. In case you want a jury, you must inform the court in advance and pay the jury fee.

3.    Immerse Yourself in Your Case

Every legal claim contains different elements that one must prove to win—failure to prove one element among others results in failure. For instance, if there’s a contract dispute, you must prove that there was a contract in the first place, and your opponent didn’t meet its obligations, and you suffered as a result.

Plan carefully and ensure that you prove your case’s elements. You can also disprove an element in your opponent’s case to win. An easy way to find the elements is to review the jury instructions.

4.    Provide Admissible Evidence

After knowing the elements, you can figure out the type of evidence you need to prove your facts. However, note that you can’t present all the evidence in the courtroom. Rules of evidence tell you whether evidence is admissible in court or not. While you’re not expected to master all the rules’ details, you should know enough to present the evidence required to win.

5.    Assert Yourself

If you’re representing yourself and your opponent’s lawyer is speaking jargon to keep you off your feet, you’ll need to stand up for yourself. You can inform the judge that you don’t have a lawyer as you can’t afford the expenses, and you’re relying on the judge for justice. Judges will try to keep the court proceeding comprehensible.

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