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Bail Bonds Financing: A Brief Guide

Getting arrested and making court appearances can be a stressful time for an individual and their family. To add to it, courts often demand an unexpected amount of money as bail for the defendant to avoid going to jail.


This is where bail bonds come in. When the defendant or their close family and friends can’t afford the bail, licensed bail bondsmen secure the defendant’s freedom by putting down the bail money.


This option keeps your loved one from going to jail when it is not needed and also saves you from paying from your own pocket.


Here is a brief guide on how bail bonds work to help you understand what to do if you or your loved ones find yourself in this situation:


What Are Bail Bonds?

When a suspect is arrested and awaiting a court hearing, they can be released if they pay bail. Bail is a sum of money that the court asks for as security of setting the defendant free till their court date. Once the accused appears in court, this money is returned to them unless they have violated the terms of their bail.


Now, a bail bonds agency is a company that gives bail money to the court as a surety that the accused will appear at the next court hearing. This is a great option for those that don’t have the means to pay the bail themselves.


The defendant’s family and friends work with a licensed bail bondsman to secure their release within a few hours of bail being set.


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Who Has the Right to Get Bail?

Any individual that has committed a non-capital crime can get bail. People who are considered a risk to the community or are suspected to flee are not granted bail. For everyone else, bail can be set.

How Bail Bonds Work

Once the accused is arrested, they’re given a court hearing date and a set amount for bail. Here, a bail bondsman can post the bail and ensure the defendant turns up to the court dates as they’re supposed to.

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