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What To Do When A Teenager Is Arrested In The US

Every parent wants the best for their children and seeing your child getting arrested can be heartbreaking for a parent. Therefore, it’s best to be aware of all legal processes to handle any legal situation without panicking. Bail is an excellent option to get anyone out of jail. However, if the defendant is charged with a major offense, they might not get the bail option.

Bail is the sum or property submitted to a judicial court by either a defendant or a bail bond company to ensure that they will appear in their trial sessions. The court may issue an arrest warrant if the defendant fails to appear in their trial.

Take a look at this guide to find out how to get your teenager out of jail.

1. Prepare Your Child

Seeing your child getting arrested can make people numb. The best solution is to stop panicking and focus on your child’s situation. When the notice is issued, explain the situation, their legal rights, and the trial process to your child. Reassure them that you’ll do everything to get them out of detention.

2. Don’t Try To Be A Lawyer

You’ll be enraged and annoyed with your child, but it’s crucial to stay calm and get an expert’s advice. Avoid attempting to act as an attorney or other actions that might inspire your youngster to incriminate themselves. The wisest rule is to keep quiet until a solicitor is present. Always remember the following rules:

  1. Inadvertently surrendering your rights or approving an unwarranted search of their house might harm your child’s case.
  2. Even if you believe your youngster has committed a crime, you must not force them to admit to anything or give a statement.
  3. Learn about the charges to understand the case before acting out.

3. Consult A Legal Representative

It’s essential to hire a legal representative. They’ll help you to understand the situation, charges, and the legal process. A professional lawyer will assess the situation and strategy an ideal solution to get your kid out of jail as soon as possible.

4. Get In Touch With A Bail Bond Company

Spending a day in jail can have a huge impact on an adult’s life; imagine experiencing that as a teenager. Scary, isn’t it? After the initial hearing, the judge determines if the defendant is eligible to get bail or not. Don’t miss the chance of getting bail if you’re given the option.

Paying the whole at once is hard for most middle-class people. It’s best to hire a bail bond agent or a bail bond company. They can pay the amount on your behalf and will only charge 10-15% of the whole bail sum.

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