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What is Bond Revocation: A Complete Guide

Going to jail and facing criminal trials is not easy for anyone. Experts suggest that persons incarcerated due to minor crimes should go for bail immediately. These are the cases where the judge grants immediate bail considering the offence’s lack of severity. Not only do bail bond services offer bail faster, but they are also available for help round the clock. Our bail bond agents in Wabash County ensure they send timely reminders to help you with court appearances throughout the trial.

While You’re Out of Jail

A granted bail is a small feat for you. You have your entire trial hearing ahead for possible slip-ups. Take extra caution while you’re on your own. Staying away from trouble while out on bail makes a better impression. Ensure you inform the court if you must fly out of the state.


Bond Revocation

If you abide by your bail conditions, your bail bond is revoked through a revocation trial. Revocation of bail bonds means you will have to go to prison again. According to laws in Indiana, as a result of a breach in the bail agreement, the court will

  • Issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest.
  • Order  the surety to surrender the defendant in court

The proceedings for bond revocation begin as soon as the defendant fails to appear in court. Within 30 days of the proceedings, the notice for the defendant’s arrest is forwarded. A formal notice to the surety is forwarded during the same time.

There’s also a possibility you might have to face further consequences for the case. You might receive a fine or be forced to participate in community service. This could hurt your case even more. Besides, there’s so much more you could do for your case by staying out of jail.

It’s also why our affordable bail bond service in Miami County assists the client with court hearings. Missing out on a single court hearing can have a lasting bad impact on your case.

Reach Out to Us for the Perfect Bond Advice!

Bad situations don’t last long. Don’t let court proceedings trouble you. At DeLaughter Bail Bonds, we make sure all of the client’s needs are met. Our bail bondsmen in Jasper County and Wabash County make a point to help your loved ones get out of serious legal complexities with timely submission of transfer and surety bonds in courts. For bail-bond-related details, call 260-578-0505.


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