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Miranda Rights: What If the Police Offer Doesn’t Read Them?

The law-and-order situation can escalate to detrimental degrees in a country like the US. Laws in America are stringent as compared to other countries in the world. In 2020, New Mexico recorded the highest number of criminal incidents with a ratio of 3620 crimes for every 100,000 people.  The crime rate in the US is said to have decreased with an increase in the number of police officers.

The crime rate in the US has fluctuated much during the pandemic. Much of crime can be segregated as planned and unplanned. Some major types of crimes include:

  • White-collar crimes: money laundering, corporate fraud
  • Homicide
  • Street crimes: snatching, pick-pocketing, illegal drugs trade
  • Property crimes: Larceny, burglary

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What to Do If You’re Arrested?

If you’re arrested for a crime, know that certain rights are granted to the defendant under the Miranda Rights Charter. Miranda Rights were introduced in 1966 after the case of Miranda v. Arizona.  The case was a landmark verdict of the Supreme Court in establishing the law that all police officers, interrogators, detectives will have to inform the apprehended party of their rights before being interrogated.

The verdict made police officers inform a defendant of the following:

  • The defendant has a right to remain silent
  • Anything that the defendant says can be used in court to convict them
  • The defendant has a right to hire an attorney
  • If the defendant can’t afford a lawyer, the state will provide them with one.

What If the Police Doesn’t Read Miranda Rights to a Defendant?

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If the police forget to read Miranda rights to the defendant, they can’t use any statement given by the defendant as possible evidence.

There’re times during the court proceedings when the prosecutor might need your statements. None of the statements would bear weightage without the Miranda rights read to the defendant before the interrogation. This can also result in the case’s dismissal due to a lack of substantial evidence.

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