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How Do You Cope If Your Parent Is Arrested?

Over 2.7 million children in the US have a parent who’s under arrest. Of course, these children usually face a lot of stress, which includes academic, physical, emotional, and financial hardships. In fact, a lot of children don’t talk about their stress because they feel that things might get worse—although that isn’t the case.

If your parent is arrested, here are a few ways you can cope with the tragedy.

Let your other parent talk to you

Sure, you’ll be dreading this conversation, but you need to hear what your other parent has to say. They’ll help you understand the situation. They’ll tell you the exact reasons why your parent is not at home and when can they return. But try to have this conversation with your parent during a quiet time.

This way, they’ll help you reduce the trauma, and you’ll be able to ask any questions about the arrest. In addition, the parent will tell you not to spill this news outside to your friends; otherwise, you’ll be at risk of developing depression and feeling low. Under these circumstances, your parent will be clingier to offer you plenty of assurance, so let them do it—it’ll help you cope while your parent is under arrest.

Find support

Yes, leaning on friends and family is important during this time—and most people will readily help you. However, asking for help isn’t easy because you’re hiding your parent’s arrest. But if you intend to manage family life, you’ll have to do it—you’ll have to discover a support network before things spiral out of control.

In addition, many organizations can help you cope with this tragic incident—they’ll offer you both emotional and practical support. These organizations understand that dealing with this situation is distressing and difficult, and therefore, they’re ready to offer assistance from arrest through to release.

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