Arrest as a result of bail forfeiture

Bail Bond Forfeiture: Everything You Should Know

Bail bond forfeiture is scary but a very real possibility if the requirements of the bail aren’t fulfilled by the defendant, such as failure to appear in court whenever required. When this happens, the court can order bail bond forfeiture, which means that the bail money is lost and the defendant is considered a fugitive.

If the bail is paid through a bail bond company and the defendant cannot be found, the bondsman who posted their bail may be held liable for the full bail amount. The bondsman will then typically attempt to locate the defendant and ensure their attendance in court hearings. This is because posting the defendant’s bail bond makes them responsible for the defendant’s obligations throughout the trial.

Consequences of Bail Bond Forfeiture


In Indiana, the consequences of bail bond forfeiture can be severe. First, the defendant is labeled a fugitive, and then the court may impose further punishments and restrictions.


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Let’s learn about the potential consequences of bail bond forfeiture in Indiana below:

Loss of Bail Money

When the court announces bail bond forfeiture, whoever posted the bond for the defendant’s release on their behalf will lose all of the money. This can be a significant loss for the bail bond company because bail amounts are fairly high, and they may never be able to recover it.

Additional Charges

Failing to appear in court can also result in additional criminal charges, such as contempt of court or failure to appear. These charges can result in jail time or heavy fines, which can have a negative impact on the defendant’s history and future employment opportunities.

Issuance of a Bench Warrant

When a defendant doesn’t appear in court, the judge may issue a bench warrant for their arrest. This means that the police will actively search for the defendant and can arrest them on sight.

Arrest and Incarceration

If the defendant is arrested after bail bond forfeiture, they will be held in custody until their trial is over. This can result in a significant disruption to the defendant’s life and may lead to loss of employment or other important life opportunities.

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