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4 Interesting Facts About Bail Bonds

Have you ever been arrested and need to post bail? If so, you might be interested in learning more about how the process works. Most people in the US are still recovering from the economic turmoil in 2020, and throwing their life savings to pay the bail amount can be a challenge.

Bail bond companies can help people in getting out of jail by paying the amount on their behalf. These companies only charge 10-15% of the bail sum.

Want to learn more about bail bonds? Take a look at this guide to learn some interesting facts about bail bonds.

1. Bail Can Get You Out Of Jail

Bail is a monetary sum paid by the defendant to get out of jail on parole.  A bail bond is an assurance that the defendant will appear in all their court hearings. Bail can be paid either by the defendant, their family members, or a bail bondsman.

The court can confiscate the money if you don’t show up for your court proceedings.

2. A Judge Decides The Bail Sum

A judge sets the bail sum after reviewing the case. The amount of the bond is decided basis on the following aspects:

  1. The defendant’s offense.
  2. The defendant’s opposition has solid evidence against them.
  3. Guilty pleas.
  4. Criminal background.
  5. The defendant’s personal and professional history.
  6. Whether the defendant is a flight risk or not.
  7. Whether the defendant is likely to skip town.

3. You Can Make Bail Without A Legal Representative

Defendants do not require the services of a lawyer to make bail. They could either submit cash bail or hire a bail bond company to post bond. Family members or friends can also cash bail or buy a bond on behalf of the defendant.

4. The Defendant Needs To Follow Strict Court Orders Even After Their Release

A defendant released on bail needs to follow some specific rules. The following are the state laws every defendant on parole must obey.

  1. You shouldn’t take part in any illegal activity.
  2. Don’t interact with the victim’s family members and friends if the judge issues a no-contact policy.
  3. You must not travel overseas until your case is resolved.

An accused person’s pretrial release can be terminated if they don’t follow these court orders. Therefore, you should understand and abide by the conditions of your release. If you have any queries or are unsure of the procedure, consult a professional.


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