What to Expect During Your First Court Hearing

Appearing in court can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. There’s a general air of nervousness and stress. Other than that, you’re also not sure about how it will end and whether the verdict will be in your favor. Even if you’ve planned it out well and have organized all the evidence, the decision lies with the court and can swing either way.  Continue reading

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3 Legal Terms Every Defendant Needs To Know

Facing the legal system can be quite an intimidating experience if you’re not well-prepared.

Whether you’ve gotten into trouble with the law for a crime that you did or didn’t commit, research is always important. The first step is to speak to your lawyer in detail and discuss your case. Next up, ask your lawyer to inform you about the legal process and terminologies in detail.  Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About Cosigning a Bail Bond

Bail bonds are nothing less than a godsend in times of need. When none of your friends and family can come to the rescue, a bail bond agent is your last recourse. The good news is that even if you can’t immediately contact a bail bond agent, you can always call up a friend and get them to sign a bond on your behalf. This will make your friend a cosigner.  Continue reading