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Why Skipping Bail Has Consequences

When you are arrested, the judge may set bail. This is a sum of money you must pay to be released from jail while your case is pending. If you cannot afford to pay bail, you may be able to get a bail bond. The bail bondsman pays for this loan, allowing you to be released from jail. But what happens if an individual skips bail and fails to appear in court? Let’s break down the consequences of skipping bail in Wabash County.

1. Repayment of Bail Money

When someone skips bail, regardless of the outcome of their case, they are still responsible for repaying the full amount of money they posted as bail. In most cases, a defendant will be responsible for repaying whatever sum was paid by themselves or any other party who guaranteed their release with cash or collateral. If the individual cannot repay the full amount, they may face additional legal charges such as fraud and theft by deception.

2. Issuance of Bench Warrants

If an individual skips out on their obligation to appear in court after being released on bail, a judge will likely issue a bench warrant in their name. A bench warrant permits police officers to arrest individuals wherever they can find them—even outside of regular business hours or at private residences—and bring them before a judge for further proceedings regarding their failure to appear in court as required. Bench warrants do not expire and can remain active indefinitely until executed upon arrest or withdrawn by a judge under special circumstances.

3. Limitations on Future Bail Requests

When an individual is granted bail, the court expects them to attend all of their hearings and fulfill any court-ordered requirements. If an individual skips out on their obligation to appear in court or fails to comply with the terms of their release, it can have a negative effect on future bail requests. This means that if someone has been released from jail previously and then skips out on their obligation to appear in court, they will likely face additional scrutiny—and possibly denial—for future requests for bail.

4. Revocation of Probation or Parole

If an individual who is currently under probation or parole fails to appear in court after posting bail, this can result in a revocation of their probation or parole. This means that they may be returned to prison and possibly face additional criminal charges for failing to comply with the terms and conditions of their release.

Closing Thoughts

Skipping out on your bail is never a good idea! It can lead to serious legal consequences, such as additional charges being filed against you and harsher penalties should you be found guilty after your trial concludes. Additionally, it could also affect your ability to obtain release from jail on bond in the future, so it’s best to show up when required by law! If you are unable to make your scheduled court date due to financial constraints, then reach out directly to the court system for assistance with paying your bail before making any hasty decisions about skipping altogether!

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