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4 Bail Bond Scams You Should Be Aware Of

When your loved one or friend has been arrested, and you need the bail bond to release them, the first thing that comes to mind is to get a licensed bail bond agent to provide the cash. Although this is an ideal way to do it, you need to be aware of the scams from unethical bondsmen.

Most of the time, the person arranging the bail bond is unaware of how bail works. As a result, they tend to overlook details and agree to the agent’s absurd demands. The last thing you need is to be scammed when you’re in jail, left alone at the trial without any bail money and out of the 10 percent bail agent fee.

This is why you need to know about common bail bond scams. Here are a few you should go through.


1. Solicitors at the County Jail

This is common among fake bail agents; they line up in front of the county jail with their “business cards”, pretending to be from a legit bail bond company. They claim 100 surety for getting your friend or relative out of jail. Licensed and ethical bail companies will never make such claims and never have their agents stalk people at the county jail waiting for halls.


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2. Phone payments

If you found a bail agent on the web and you call them for further instructions, never make any payments over the phone. You should always meet the agent in person, talk to them face to face, talk about the case and then move on with the contract.

3. Unexpected calls from bail agents

These are cold calls so called bail agents make to claim that your loved one has been arrested and you need to pay the bail bond. They can surprisingly also provide you with personal details about the alleged arrestee and con you into paying a high rate bail bond fee. Don’t fall for these cold calls and always verify the claim they make. Always visit the count jail physically and find out what the charges are.

4. Dishonesty in the contract

Before the contract is built, both the parties will come to terms on the bail fee and the payment form. If you find a sudden change from the verbal agreement made in the first meeting, don’t sign the contract as this is likely a scam.

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