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Things To Know Before Contacting A Bail Bond Agent

When someone calls us to get a loved one out of jail, they don’t know how to get a bail bond because they are unaware of the correct information. This can even make it difficult for bail bonds agents to post bail.

Bail bondsmen need more than the name of the jailed defendant and where they are in prison to make the bail bond process fast and easy.

Here are some essential things to know before contacting a bail bonds agent:

1.      Details Of The Detainee

The bail bondsman needs to know the full legal name of the detainee to process the bail bond documentation. Do your best to make sure you know how to spell the defendant’s name and any other names used by the jailed defendant.

You should also know the defendant’s birth date, the jail’s name in which the defendant is present, and the jail’s location to confirm the city and state. All jail inmates have their respective booking numbers. If you don’t know the defendant’s booking number, ask the jail authorities for it. You must also know the bail amount set by the judge to find the best bond option for you.

2.      Bail Agents Can Become Bounty Hunters

If you hire a bail agent to get the defendant out of jail, and the defendant doesn’t show up for the court hearings, the bail bondsman can search for the defendant. Since the bail bonds agents would lose a substantial sum if there is no defendant’s appearance in court trials, they can become bounty hunters to find the defendant. It’s the agent’s responsibility to bring the fleed defendant to court.

A bounty hunter taking the fleed defendant to court

3.      Signing the Indemnity Agreement

Bonds from bail agents come with an indemnity agreement. The defendants have to sign it when they get the bonds from bail bond agents. This agreement lets the bail agent off the hook for the financial losses resulting from bailing the person out of jail. This means that if the defendants do not show up for their court hearings, bail bond agents can lose the money to the courts which gave the bail verdicts to the defendants.

4.      The Non-Refundable Fee

When you hire a licensed bail agent, you’ll pay a fee that isn’t refundable. This fee is usually one-tenth or one-fifth of the total bail amount. This amount is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the case. Before you try to get a bail bond, you must check whether you can afford the non-refundable fee.

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