a jail in Indiana

How to Survive a Night in Jail

It’s not easy to spend a night behind bars. Even a few hours in jail could take a significant toll on your mental health, relationships, and work-life.


Here’s a guide to get through the ordeal easily:

Be prepared


Surviving a night behind bars isn’t like being out on a vacation. You need to step into the prison with very realistic expectations. You’re going to be spending the night as a prisoner or a defendant and not as a vacationer.


You can’t expect the amenities that you’re used to. There will be no point in getting aggressive or arguing with the jail authorities to get you better food or a more comfortable bed. You’ll be asked to eat whatever the rest of the inmates will be eating.


a jail in Indiana .


Stay positive


You don’t want to lose all hope while you’re at it. Things might seem very difficult in the beginning, but you’ll get through. Staying positive might sound a bit hard but that’s the only way forward.


Don’t sound too upset if you get to speak with a family. It’ll only lower their morale. Keep on reminding yourself that your release time is approaching, and you’ll soon be a free bird! You can also think of this will be a great story to tell your children, grandchildren, and friends.


Follow the rules


When you’re under arrest, you need to follow the law more stringently than ever. a single toe out of the line and you could end up in bigger trouble than you already are in. While you’re in custody, don’t argue with the authorities and don’t use force.


Give in to the police orders and do as you’re directed. Any behavioral issue could be used against you in court. The only time you don’t need to comply is when your basic constitutional rights are being violated. Not complying with a lawful order can only push more charges against you.


Now that you know what to do and how to behave, pick up the prison phone and call up a bail bond service. You can also call up an immediate family member or a trusted friend to sign a bail bond for you. This is a feasible option if you don’t have the financial resources to pay cash bail upfront.


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