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Misconceptions About Cash Bail That Need to Be Busted

Cash bail reforms have long been a matter of interest for Americans. While some Americans support the idea of cash bail, a huge number of them are against it and demand reforms.


Here are some myths we need to get over:


Cash bail is fair!


This is one hundred percent untrue! The cash bail system of the United States only favors the rich. The courts don’t take an individual’s financial ability to pay into account before deciding the final bail amount.


This way, the rich can pay the bail amount and find their way of the jail. However, the poor defendants who can’t afford to pay the bail amount end up spending the rest of their lives behind bars only because they’re unable to pay. Cash bail is the reason the rich can roam free while the poor are detained.


What makes it worse is that those sitting behind the bars due to their inability to pay have never been convicted of a crime.


There is no need to reform the cash bail system


Let’s look at the classic example of Kaleif Bowder. The man was arrested on the account of stealing a backpack and was assigned a bail amount of $3000. Neither the defendant and nor his family could afford to pay the amount. As a result, he not only spent over three years in jail in NYC but was also never sentenced.


Another example is that of a senior citizen from San Francisco who was arrested for stealing a cologne worth $5. The bail amount was $350,000 and the defendant had to spend over 250 days behind bars.


The story of Randall McCrary is by far the most unfortunate. The defendant was a mentally ill individual hailing from Georgia. The individual was arrested for disorderly conduct and the cash bail amounted to $500. After being unable to afford the amount, the government eventually discontinued the defendant’s disability support.


These examples prove that the bai amounts usually set by the court is not fair and realistic. A $350,000 bail amount for a $5 theft is unfair to say the least and this is the reason the US needs cash bail reforms.


Cash bail is not and has never been the answer. If you need help escaping jail, we recommend seeking help from a bail bond agent. If you’re based in any county of Indiana, DeLaughter Bail Bonds would be glad to help you out!


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